Andrew Mackinnon

Andrew Mackinnon

Co-founder & Managing Director

Andrew is a futures innovator, entrepreneur and marketer with over 20 years of experience in creative strategy, cultural trends and brand building.

Andrew’s fascination with culture began as a curious 19 year old, when he took to the streets of London seeking to activate small businesses unable to afford big advertising budgets. One year later, The Taboo Group was born. Today, Taboo is considered as one of Australia’s leading independent creative agencies.

When he’s not leading Taboo, Andrew is building innovative businesses, including: Assembly House, a building for culturally-led agencies, the iconic Ponyfish Island bar and Memories, a platform that allows you to deliver messages on a future date.

Andrew has enjoyed two highly progressive boards: Next Wave – a festival showcasing modernism in artistic culture and the Entrepreneurs Organization, including 12 months as President.

Dedicated to understanding human behaviour ahead of time, in partnership with Sarah Owen and James Mackinnon, Andrew started SOON Future Studies in 2021.