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Patented Futures

26 March, 2023

Design and innovation company Modem partnered with Studio Bjørn Ibsen to explore the impact of future technology on our rapidly evolving social lifestyles. Inspired by the immense impact of the Iphone, which recently celebrated its 15th birthday, the studio aims to map the implications of futuristic wearable tech. The project reimagines nondescript patent filings from popular tech corporations as stylish wearables.

Image 1: Apple Gloves Patent

These patented gloves control applications in virtual reality, enabling interaction with virtual objects through smart fabric and magnetic detection.

Image 2: Magic Leap Bracelet Patent

Magic Leap’s patent allows intuitive access to apps in the AR space. Appearing like a normal bracelet, a virtual layer appears when connected to an AR headset, allowing easy access to all your favourite apps.

Image 3: Google Slippers Patent

This motorised footwear patented by Google enables the wearer to physically walk any distance in a virtual environment, while keeping them confined is a physical space. Motion trackers work together with motorised wheels to bring wearers safely back to a designated “return zone” when venturing beyond a predetermined area.

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Patented Futures
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Patented Futures

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