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SOON has teamed up with Australia’s leading online beauty retailer Adore Beauty to create The State of Beauty 2023. This Report identifies and reveals the trends shaping the beauty industry right now.

Teaming data from a survey of thousands of Adore Beauty community members, insights from local industry leaders and innovators and SOON’s proprietary databank of more than 400 global and local trend signals, the report maps out key mindsets, shifts and communities shaping Australian beauty.

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In a post-pandemic world, this rapidly growing industry is being driven by changing consumer attitudes and behaviors towards mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Spanning physical, digital, and phygital experiences, follow signals that showcase how brands, collectives and communities are activating and engaging people through new experiences.

From blockchain and metaverse developments, to artificial intelligence and retail tech, these signals will keep you up-to-date on the latest innovations.

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A futures think tank focused on human insights

We uncover the cues shaping tomorrow by tracking trends, developments, and disruptions — from micro to mega — to understand people, places, products and the planet. Our actionable information is grounded in ethical strategies and comes to life as a visual database of signals, insights and foresights for corporations, organisations and policymakers.

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