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Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Gen Beta IRL UK - Now Sustainability, Technology

Virtual pride parade

Gen Z URL USA Inclusivity, Gender Now Technology, Gaming, Beauty

Potato Skin Cling Film

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha Retail AUS - Now Sustainability, Technology, Home + Interiors, Food + Bev

Patented Futures

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Alpha Retail USA AI, Copyright Far Technology, Toys + Hobbies

Future-Proof Kitchen

Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials Retail - Wellness Near Sustainability, Technology, Food + Bev


Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Millennials IRL ASIA - Near Technology

Android Attendance

Gen Alpha, Gen Beta, Gen Z IRL EU AI Now Education, Technology

Cooling the city

Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Beta, Gen Alpha IRL EU - Far Architecture, Technology, Sustainability

Eternal Life

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha Mobile / App, URL - AI Now Technology, Gaming

Wildlife Crossing

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Gen Beta, Baby Boomers Activation / Experience, IRL USA Ethics Now Architecture, Sustainability, Technology

Homeless in the Metaverse

Millennials, Gen Z Marketing EU Inclusivity, Equality, AI Now Technology

Road Work

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Alpha Mobile / App, IRL, URL - Pandemic Far Automotive, Technology

Brain Loading

Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Alpha Social Media, Mobile / App USA - Now Technology

VC Inequality

- IRL - Inclusivity, Equality, Gender Now Technology

Web3 Wedding

- URL, Mobile / App USA AI Now Technology, Gaming

Seoul Metaverse

- Mobile / App, Activation / Experience ASIA AI Far Technology

Interstellar Shipping

- Activation / Experience USA AI Far Technology

AR Fashion Week

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha Mobile / App, Activation / Experience, IRL, URL, Social Media - AI Now Fashion, Technology

Cooling paint

- IRL USA Wellness Near Technology, Sustainability

Robot Penguins

- IRL EU - - Sustainability, Technology

Download A Divorce

- Mobile / App, URL USA Wellness, Politics Near Health + Wellness, Technology

Pineapple Split

- IRL, Activation / Experience ASIA Politics, Ethics Near Fashion, Technology

Internet Mapping

- URL - Politics Now Technology, Media + Publishing

Brain Overload

- IRL, URL - Wellness - Health + Wellness, Education, Technology

M&A Shopping Spree

Gen Z IRL, Mobile / App - - Now Technology, Sustainability, Health + Wellness, Travel

Airbnb for Pools

Gen Z IRL, Mobile / App - - Now Technology, Sustainability, Health + Wellness, Travel

Imperfect Influencer

Gen Z, Gen Alpha IRL, URL CHINA Inclusivity, Wellness, AI Now Technology, Sustainability, Health + Wellness

Space Junk

- IRL - - Now Technology, Sustainability

TikTok Resume

Gen Z Social Media, Mobile / App USA Inclusivity Now Media + Publishing, Technology


- IRL, Activation / Experience ASIA Pandemic Near Technology, Architecture, Home + Interiors

A-List Avatars

Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Millennials URL, Activation / Experience USA Copyright, Deep Fake Near Entertainment, Technology, Media + Publishing, Gaming

Pollination Buzz

- IRL, URL APAC AI Near Technology, Food + Bev

Crowdsourced Safety

- Mobile / App SEA Politics, Equality Now Technology

AI Library

- IRL, URL USA AI Near Education, Technology, Media + Publishing


- URL, Retail UK Copyright Now Technology, Toys + Hobbies, Media + Publishing

Digital Designer

Gen Z, Millennials URL - Equality, Privacy Near Fashion, Technology

Private Search

- URL - Privacy Now Media + Publishing, Technology

AI Art

- IRL EU AI Now Art, Technology

Blockchain Gaming

- URL ASIA Equality Near Gaming, Finance, Technology

Deep-fake Fashion

- Activation / Experience, IRL, URL EU AI, Deep Fake Near Fashion, Technology

Ultra IRL Events

- Activation / Experience - - Near Entertainment, Technology, Art