SOON is a futures think tank focused on human insights.

SOON illuminates the path towards what the future on earth looks like, as indicated by distinct global indicators.

We distill social sciences and triangulate our findings with emerging attitudes, ethnographic foresight, and cultural signals; bringing tomorrow to life today. By tracking trends, developments, and disruptions — from micro to mega — we understand people, products, and the planet in their context. Our information is actionable and always grounded in ethical strategies that comes to life as a visual database of signals, insights and foresights.


Behind every consumer there is a human: By evolving demographics to psychographics, and understanding who people are in the 23 hours of the day when they’re not shopping, we unlock the social and emotional context that drives people.

SOON represents the relevant future: We focus our studies on a 3-5 year timeframe. This window of time is grounded in commercial relevance today, compared to more lofty and abstract information that is difficult to action when looking beyond 10 years.

The answers are found in culture: By analysing the precipice of culture today, we reveal the answers to what tomorrow looks like. We view our insights and foresights through a cultural lens. This connects mega and macro change to what’s happening on the fringe of society, sectors, and subcultures.

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Meet the team

Our global team is comprised of futurists, trend forecasters, strategists, and marketers with backgrounds in sociology, innovation, and advertising. Alongside the core team, our futures advisors around the world feed in cultural signals and localized insight to inform reports and consulting services.