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Alternative Limb Project

Millennials, Gen Z IRL - Inclusivity Now Art, Fashion, Beauty

Virtual pride parade

Gen Z URL USA Inclusivity, Gender Now Technology, Gaming, Beauty

Space Barbie

Gen Alpha Activation / Experience, Social Media USA Equality, Inclusivity, Gender Now Toys + Hobbies, Education

Homeless in the Metaverse

Millennials, Gen Z Marketing EU Inclusivity, Equality, AI Now Technology


- URL, Mobile / App - Inclusivity, Ethics Now Education

VC Inequality

- IRL - Inclusivity, Equality, Gender Now Technology

Online Opportunity

Millennials, Gen Z URL - Inclusivity, Pandemic Now Media + Publishing

New World Mall

- Activation / Experience ASIA, USA Equality, Inclusivity Now Art, Food + Bev

Cringe Tinge

Gen Z, Millennials Retail, IRL, Ecommerce USA Equality, Wellness, Inclusivity Now Beauty, Sustainability, Health + Wellness

Imperfect Influencer

Gen Z, Gen Alpha IRL, URL CHINA Inclusivity, Wellness, AI Now Technology, Sustainability, Health + Wellness

TikTok Resume

Gen Z Social Media, Mobile / App USA Inclusivity Now Media + Publishing, Technology

Drama Donation

Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Millennials IRL USA Inclusivity, Equality Near Education

Entrepreneurs Olympics

Millennials, Gen Z IRL USA Inclusivity, Equality, Gender Now Fashion, Sport

The Man-icure

Gen Z, Millennials IRL - Inclusivity, Gender, Equality Now Health + Wellness

Future Family Homes

Baby Boomers, Parents, Gen Alpha, Millennials, Gen Z IRL ASIA Inclusivity, Wellness Far Health + Wellness, Architecture

Inclusion Rider

- IRL, Activation / Experience - Inclusivity, Equality, Gender Far Entertainment, Art

Language Extinction

Gen Alpha IRL - Inclusivity Far Education, Sustainability