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Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha Retail UK - Now Beauty, Fashion

Diaper Tax

Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X Activation / Experience USA Equality Now Fashion, Education

Wear this jacket to death

Gen Alpha, Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X Retail AUS - Now Fashion, Sustainability

The Microgreen Shoe

Gen Alpha, Gen Z IRL USA - Now Fashion, Sustainability

Resell, Rewear, Repeat

Millennials, Gen Z Ecommerce, Social Media EU Ethics Now Fashion

AR Fashion Week

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha Mobile / App, Activation / Experience, IRL, URL, Social Media - AI Now Fashion, Technology

Smart Shirt

- IRL, Activation / Experience USA Wellness Far Fashion, Health + Wellness

Pineapple Split

- IRL, Activation / Experience ASIA Politics, Ethics Near Fashion, Technology

Entrepreneurs Olympics

Millennials, Gen Z IRL USA Inclusivity, Equality, Gender Now Fashion, Sport

Second Hand Sneaker Boom

Gen Z, Millennials Mobile / App, Ecommerce - Equality Now Fashion, Sustainability

Digital Designer

Gen Z, Millennials URL - Equality, Privacy Near Fashion, Technology

Sustainability Target

- Retail USA Ethics, Politics Far Fashion, Home + Interiors

Vegan Luxury

Gen Z Retail - - Now Fashion, Sustainability

Compostable Briefs

- Retail USA Wellness Now Fashion, Sustainability

The Purge Surge

Gen Z, Millennials Retail, Ecommerce, Mobile / App - Pandemic Near Fashion, Finance

Deep-fake Fashion

- Activation / Experience, IRL, URL EU AI, Deep Fake Near Fashion, Technology

Hemp Investment

- Retail, IRL APAC - Near Fashion, Sustainability