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Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X IRL EU - Now Travel, Home + Interiors, Architecture

High-tech Houseplants

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha, Gen Beta Retail, IRL, Activation / Experience EU Wellness Near Home + Interiors


Gen Alpha, Millennials, Gen Beta, Gen Z Retail EU Wellness Near Food + Bev, Sustainability, Health + Wellness

Android Attendance

Gen Alpha, Gen Beta, Gen Z IRL EU AI Now Education, Technology

Alzheimer’s Pen

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Parents IRL EU Wellness Near Health + Wellness

Swedish “seedballs”

Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z Retail, Marketing EU - Now Sustainability, Home + Interiors

Menstrual Leave

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Alpha, Gen X IRL EU Equality, Wellness, Gender Now Health + Wellness, Gaming

Cooling the city

Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Beta, Gen Alpha IRL EU - Far Architecture, Technology, Sustainability

New Timber Heights

Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Alpha, Gen Beta IRL EU - Far Architecture, Sustainability

Resell, Rewear, Repeat

Millennials, Gen Z Ecommerce, Social Media EU Ethics Now Fashion

Homeless in the Metaverse

Millennials, Gen Z Marketing EU Inclusivity, Equality, AI Now Technology

Time Bank

- Activation / Experience EU Ethics Now Art

Robot Penguins

- IRL EU - - Sustainability, Technology


- IRL, Activation / Experience EU - Near Home + Interiors, Art

Electric Benz

- IRL, Retail, Activation / Experience EU - Near Sustainability, Travel, Automotive

Chief Heat Officer

Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Baby Boomers IRL, Activation / Experience EU, USA Wellness Now Sustainability

Plastic Eating Enzymes

- IRL EU - - Sustainability, Food + Bev

AI Art

- IRL EU AI Now Art, Technology

Deep-fake Fashion

- Activation / Experience, IRL, URL EU AI, Deep Fake Near Fashion, Technology